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Boiler Feed Water Solution

Hydroflux Industrial recently installed a new boiler feed water treatment system to the NSW operations of a global food and beverage corporation.

Boiler Feed Water Solution

The project involved the replacement of a softener system with a reverse osmosis (RO) plant which offered a vastly improved reduction in the levels of dissolved salts and organic carbon in the feed water which were compromising the boiler operations.

The RO treatment plant was installed inside a 40ft air conditioned container enabling pre-fabrication, assembly and testing of the system prior to delivery to site which reduced the installation time to a matter of days. The plant included all the necessary monitoring instrumentation, a high efficiency VFD controlled booster pump, and a custom designed stainless steel control panel to comply with the client’s specific engineering standards. The entire skid and piping system were manufactured in stainless steel.

More information on Hydroflux HyPURE® reverse osmosis membrane systems can be found Here.

Boiler Feed Water Solution

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