Food Processing

Today there are thousands of different types food products produced and these products are manufactured using a vast variety ingredients employing many different techniques. As it is very rare that any two food production plants are identical, the characteristics of the wastewater will never be the same.

Our vast experience in the design of wastewater treatment plants for the food industry in general gives Hydroflux the edge.

The Hydroflux team has installed hundreds of treatment plants for many different food manufacturing facilities and is fully aware of the effects that hourly, daily , or seasonal variations in factory activities  have on the wastewater characteristics. To ensure an optimum and consistent wastewater treatment plant design we will always ensure that we fully understand your process prior to embarking on a design and construction project.

Hydroflux has a comprehensive portfolio of  wastewater treatment equipment and designs to suit most food processing facilities and will always consider the most appropriate solution based on CAPEX and OPEX. The products include HyDAF systems, chemical treatment, sludge handling and a full range of anaerobic and aerobic biological systems.

Whether you are discharging to trade waste, the environment or wish to recycle wastewater for non-potable or potable reuse, you can be assured that Hydroflux will design the optimum wastewater treatment process  specific to your needs.

Advanced Water Treatment Plants
Being prepared and adapting to a world where water scarcity is the new normal is becoming essential.  One way businesses can improve their climate resilience is by implementing proven and effective Advanced Water Treatment Programs. Hydroflux has the skills and expertise to design and construct advanced water treatment plants that are capable of recycling industrial wastewater to a potable grade, however, it is more than just the technology that enables overall compliance and acceptance for reuse. Read more.

Some of the industries we support include:

  • Bakeries
  • Small goods
  • Meat and poultry
  • Rendering
  • Edible oils and grains
  • Fruit and vegetable
  • Potato and chips
  • Prepared food
  • Ingredients and spices
  • Fish processing


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