Meat and Poultry Processing

Hydroflux Industrial has extensive experience in wastewater treatment in the meat and poultry sectors. It is the understanding of characteristics of the wastewater generated from red meat, poultry, further processing, and rendering operations, that enables Hydroflux to approach each project with vast knowledge and many decades of experience.

Hydroflux can design and construct primary treatment plants including DAF systems, low and high-rate anaerobic systems, many types of aerobic systems with enhanced nutrient removal, sludge handling and proven Advanced Water Treatment Plants that convert wastewater into potable water.

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Poultry Processing

Whether your poultry processing plant is in a built up or rural area, and whether you discharge wastewater to trade…

Meat Processing

Trade WasteFor trade waste plants treating wastewater from the meat processing sector, Hydroflux would typically supply one of number of…


Whether your rendering processing plant is in a build up or rural area, and you discharge your wastewater to trade…