Whether your rendering processing plant is in a build up or rural area, and you discharge your wastewater to trade waste, or the environment, or your wish to irrigate or reuse the treated wastewater, Hydroflux will always design and construct a wastewater treatment plants to suit your specific needs.

Trade Waste
For trade waste plants treating wastewater from the meat processing sector, Hydroflux would typically supply one of number of types of automated rotary screens followed by a HyDAF system which generally enables compliance with trade waste discharge requirements. The configuration of the DAF, and the chemical program applied to the wastewater depends on type of meat processing facility and the discharge water quality required which varies considerably around the regions. Hydroflux evaluates sludge dewatering on its own merits and will always incorporate the most appropriate sludge handling facilities into the design.

Rural processing plants
The design of a wastewater treatment plant for a rural rendering facility will generally take a different approach. The very high organic load in rendering plant wastewater combined with the usual increase in available space offers more opportunities to incorporate sustainable anaerobic treatment processes that generate energy from wastewater. Hydroflux will design the most suitable process from a comprehensive portfolio of pond or tank based aerobic treatment plants configured to meet even the tightest of nutrient discharge limits.


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