HyDAF V-Bottom Solves Red Meat Wastewater Problem

May 5, 2020

A leading Western Australian lamb producer who grows some of the world’s finest quality lamb, has chosen Hydroflux Industrial to solve their Covered Anaerobic Lagoon (CAL) blocking problem.

Wanting to reduce their volume of heavy solids reporting to the CALs, prevent build-up of non-biodegradable solids and to recover renderable materials for further processing, they installed a HyDAF.

The HyDAF is fabricated in Australia in a range of sizes and is known for its ease of use. A unique feature of the HyDAF which is essential for performance and energy optimisation is that each dissolved air unit is matched to the specific solids load for the application.

The client installed a HyDAF HD100V system. The innovative HyDAF V-Bottom is the most advanced solution for the meat industry and is particularly well suited to applications where there are significant levels of grit, fast settling solids and other dense organic solids that won’t float.

The HD100V replaces the Save-All and older generation DAF systems and does not need chemical dosing.

The installation of this HyDAF V system enabled removal of 64% of the incoming suspended solids (TSS) and reduced the concentration of fats, oil and grease (FOG) to less than 200 mg/L in the discharge. This resulted in a greater return of feed to the rendering plant as well as the diversion of heavy grit away from the anaerobic lagoons.

For more information on the HyDAF HD-V Range, please click here.

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