Who are we?

We are a sustainability-driven organisation

The Hydroflux Group of companies are sustainability-driven and were created to deliver unrivalled engineering and scientific knowhow to sustainability, climate adaption and environmental protection issues.

Why it matters

Hydroflux takes its climate responsibility seriously. We have aligned our business values, objectives, and strategic direction by connecting our business activities in sustainable water management, environmental protection, and energy efficiency with our commitment to promoting climate action among our suppliers and customers.

Our impact

Hydroflux delivers tailored solutions for complex challenges, driving positive environmental and social impacts. For over 10 years, we have provided optimised treatment solutions to preserve water, minimise environmental pollution, and protect natural ecosystems.

With a track record of delivering innovative projects and support to a wide range of industries, municipalities and communities, our positive impact across four key sustainability pillars is listed below.

Carbon, energy, and climate risk

We are proud to be Australia’s first water treatment and technology company to achieve Climate Active carbon neutral certification for our entire organisation and extensive suite of products1. We have measured our scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions and established an emissions reduction strategy for our most significant sources.

Our services and range of products contribute to climate action by reducing emissions and addressing the urgent need to respond to climate change risks and build our customer’s resilience. Our treatment systems prioritise longevity and maximise water reuse and recycling to reduce water scarcity risks. Our decentralised systems allow for repositioning to higher ground in response to sea level rise and flood risk. Our in-house sustainability advisors are experts in identifying and assessing climate and water risks and uncovering opportunities to future-proof our customer’s operations.

  • Carbon-neutral operations since 2021 and 17 carbon-neutral certified product offerings.
  • >5,000 tCO2-e offset, investing in energy efficiency and biogas-cogeneration in Uganda and Bulgaria.
  • >26,000 kWh of purchased renewable electricity in FY22-23 through our energy providers.
  • >433,000 km of flights offset through our airline suppliers since 2022.
  • 50% electricity reduction in FY20-21 through LED lighting installation.
  • 42% of employees use public transport and electric/hybrid vehicles, supported by our Green Transport Initiative and encouragement of using low carbon solutions. 

Water and waste management

Our tailored solutions help our customers to meet water and wastewater treatment requirements, protect the surrounding environment, and optimise operations. We drive sustainable water management through the water stewardship principles of good water governance, water balance, water quality, important water-related areas, and safe water, sanitation and hygiene for all. We assist our customers in meeting their sustainability goals and targets by providing high-performance treatment processes and equipment.

Our ongoing product development, improvement and innovation see our equipment in a constant state of evolution, optimising material consumption and reducing waste where possible. These values are carried out both on-site and into our offices, as we strive to maximise our positive impact.

Our work has contributed to a healthier planet via the following metrics:

  • >1.8 GL/year of sewage treated before environmental discharge.
  • >2.7 GL/year of municipal sludge dewatering resulting in an 85% reduction in transport costs.
  • >48 GL/year of industrial wastewater treated before release to sewer and the environment.
  • 400 kg of waste diverted from landfills, through recycling cardboard, paper, uniforms, aluminium cans, and coffee cups and pods in FY22-23 in our offices.

Health, safety and internal capacity

At Hydroflux, we provide a safe and respectful workplace and support our staff in professional development and training. We have accredited environmental and safety management systems and measures in place to remove risks to the health, safety and welfare of all employees, contractors, and authorised visitors.

  • Accredited ISO14001 Environmental Management System, ISO 45001 & AS/NZS 4801 Safety Management System, and ISO 31000 Risk Management System.
  • A cross-functional Sustainability Committee to drive climate action.
  • 6 expert committees to drive innovation and technology.
  • Building internal capacity through professional development, first aid, mental health training and Chartered Engineering pathway support.

Supply chain and community

Hydroflux has a long history of creating positive change for communities and organisations around the world through our business activities and Community Give Back Program.  We assess our suppliers against internal sustainability scoring criteria and actively encourage our suppliers and partners to drive water technology and innovation in the industry. We conducted a gap analysis against ISO20400 Sustainable Procurement to provide guidance on how sustainability can be integrated across Hydroflux procurement activities.

  • Assessed modern slavery risks and developed a voluntary Modern Slavery Statement.
  • We have established 5 sustainability scoring criteria to assess our new contractors, fabricators and consultants.
  • Engaged 6 key local fabricators and suppliers to communicate our climate action commitment and initiatives.
  • Funded the drilling of 27 water wells in Uganda since 2021 in partnership with the Love Mercy Foundation.

What’s next?

Our commitment

We recognise that meaningful sustainability and climate action takes time. As a group, we aim to continue purchasing renewable energy, transitioning to electric vehicles, continually improving our waste management program, and working towards more sustainable procurement. We are also working on promoting climate action among our suppliers, local fabricators, and customers.

A lot of work still needs to be done over a project’s lifespan. Hydroflux is offering carbon-neutral projects, sustainability assessments, and integrating water stewardship principles into our sales process. We continue to work on optimising material consumption, water and energy efficiency with our product development, improvement, and innovation, and we are investing in biogas capture technology to help our clients drive climate action.

To read our Environment & Safety policies, please Click Here.

  1. Hydroflux has undertaken a rigorous certification process to achieve a credible carbon neutral certification under Climate Active for our entire organisation and extensive suite of products. Climate Active is an ongoing partnership between the Australian Government and businesses to encourage voluntary climate action and is one of the most credible ways to prove a carbon neutral claim. This means our certified products and services do not contribute to embodied emissions within our customer’s site. We have diligently identified, quantified and assessed organisational emissions from our operations, as well as embodied emissions of our products from project management, sales and design to the distribution to our customer’s site. We have taken action on reducing emission sources that we have the greatest potential to influence and purchased carbon neutral offsets to cancel out the emissions that we are not able to eliminate. Our certification process was supported by Cress Consulting, a Hydroflux entity and sustainability advisor, who can also help you assess and reduce carbon emissions associated with your site, organisation and product. ↩︎