Integrating Water Reuse into the Urban Landscape

February 24, 2021

The move towards a circular economy is supported by many water authorities around Australia and New Zealand and requires an alignment of strategies with outcomes that include mitigating the impacts of climate change in addition to sustainability.

Urbanisation and population growth can strain existing water infrastructure and the need for new assets to be placed within a dense urban landscape arises.

Organica’s architecturally designed water reuse facilities combine natural native plant life with activated sludge treatment systems.Installations in Europe, Asia and Canada have demonstrated local community endorsement of water reuse, decentralised treatment, and the need for integrated water resource management.

Many of the installations are also used as learning centres and provide a platform for educating local school and community groups on sustainable water use and integrated water management.

Resembling a natural greenhouse or botanical garden, the Organica Food Chain Reactor achieves best practice discharge and odour treatment, enabling water reuse, but with a pleasant visual that blends into the urban landscape.

Class A+ water can be harvested locally for reuse in community areas, parklands, green spaces and golf courses. Essentially the system forms part of the drive for recycled water infrastructure within dense urban landscapes.

Recent examples include Sechelt Canada, Lagnuna Phillipines and Hanoi Vietnam. There are now over 110 Organica Food Chain Reactor facilities in operation around the world.

Contact Hydroflux to understand how an Organica Reuse system can help Water Utilities, Developers and Private Infrastructure groups drive Integrated Water Management.

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