Major Infrastructure projects awarded to Hydroflux

July 15, 2019

Hydroflux has been engaged to design, construct and operate several water treatment plants for major infrastructure works in Victoria and NSW. The treatment plants are designed to treat ground water combined with water generated during construction.

Hydroflux has a number of different designs for the primary solids removal stage that can incorporate a combination of settling tanks, clarifiers, large fully automated filter presses and screw presses in the unique TunnelMAX design.

Subsequent methods of treatment include multimedia filtration with greensand for metal removal, followed by carbon filtration and ion exchange systems when required to ensure compliance with ANZECC guidelines, or in some case higher discharge standards.

Hydroflux is also currently building a permanent ground water treatment plant to treat infiltrated metal and hydrocarbon contaminated ground water following completion of a major Sydney infrastructure project.

For more information on our capabilities in the infrastructure sector, please click here.

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