Protecting Ballarat South WWTP’s Sludge Processing Plant

November 27, 2018

A recent upgrade to the Ballarat South WWTP included the installation of a new HUBER Strainpress® Sludge Screen to remove screenings and debris from the primary sludge stream.

Ballarat wastewater treatment plant

The process at Ballarat South WWTP includes a pre-fermenter to produce volatile fatty acids (VFAs) that feeds the main treatment process. This is a critical part of the bio-process and any downtime associated with cleaning it results in the requirement for external carbon dosing, which can be costly.

The HUBER Strainpress® screens the primary sludge to remove fine screenings, fibre, plastics and cotton bud sticks that would otherwise accumulate in the fermenter and associated downstream sludge processing plant.

In addition to keeping the pre-fermenter clean, Strainpress® reduces maintenance associated with blocked heat exchangers, sludge pumps and sludge mixing systems. It allows anaerobic digesters to operate at their maximum potential by enabling ideal mixing conditions and heat transfer.

There are over 1500 units installed around the world with over 15 in Australian plants. Strainpress® has been specifically designed to protect anaerobic digesters and advanced digester pre-treatment technologies (such as Thermal Hydrolysis) from screenings accumulation.

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