Perspective of a Project Group Manager – Chris Hall

April 8, 2020

In his role as Project Group Manager, Chris is used to engaging with his team remotely so the use of web based communication platforms has been essential and the norm for quite some time.

A home based office however has allowed Chris the opportunity to work alongside his furry companion and of course avoid the Sydney commute to work. He has also been able to better pursue his creative hobbies such as building wood benches and 3D printing. Even Roland appreciates Chris’ handywork.

“I’m actually really enjoying working from home. My normal commute is over an hour each way, so having those extra hours in my day has turned my morning dog walk from a quick dash in the dark, to a leisurely stroll at sunrise. I’m also loving the extra daylight hours after work to find new and exciting things to do”.

Adapting to change as needed to progress projects is par for the course for project engineers especially those working in the construction industry. Curve balls are a regular occurrence as is the need to reassess progress and risk in any situation.

The teams required to work on site for installation and commissioning of projects are facing some additional challenges due to necessary safety rules. However, in the already highly risk assessed workplace of a construction site, a few extra social distancing measures have not had any major impact on the project logistics.

“Construction work is full of high-risk activities and a big part of the job is finding ways to work around known and unknown dangers. There’s always a way to get the job done safely, it’s just taking some surprising new control measures and a heap of hand sanitiser.”

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