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The principal team at Hydroflux Industrial have worked most, if not all, their careers in the design, engineering, installation, commissioning and servicing of water and wastewater treatment plants & equipment, for physical/chemical, biological and reuse processes. This vast experience base gives our customers confidence that the solution provided will always meet or exceed their requirements.

Orod Roostaee

What do you bring to Hydroflux Epco? Having previously worked for Huber Technology and MENA Water, I have extensive knowledge about water and wastewater treatment processes and the related mechanical equipment.
Knowing about current environmental issues and status of existing infrastructure and systems, I help Hydroflux focus on providing the best solutions and services to those parts of the market that have been neglected while maintaining an active relationship with the industry community in general.

What are your experiences in the water treatment industry? Over the past 15 years, I have worked in numerous water and wastewater treatment projects in different regions of the world. I have been involved in projects as project engineer, design engineer, project manager and regional manager.
I have also worked as product development manager at MENA Water, heavily involved in design and development of package water and wastewater treatment plants.
Although most of the work that I have done is related to potable water and municipal wastewater treatment, I have been involved in some very unique industrial wastewater treatment projects as well.

Andrew Miley
What do you bring to Hydroflux Industrial?

I have a long established relationship with the Australian water industry, mainly in the industrial sector. The problems encountered by Industry are so varied and are unique to each site. This is what makes this industry so exciting to me. I have designed plants for the all kinds of food and manufacturing plants and have had an intimate involvement in many of the industrial wastewater treatment plants installed in Australia. I have always worked with clients in an open manner, after all I am there to solve their problems. My work is based on respect and trust – attributes that lead to win win situations every time.

What are your experiences in the water treatment industry?

I have been full time in the Australian Water Industry for over 28 years and been involved in the marketing of businesses and the process designs of hundreds of industrial wastewater treatment plants. Throughout every state in Australia, many countries in SE Asia, India, UK, Europe and USA, the successful operation of many treatment plants can be contributed to me. I have experience in virtually all industrial sectors and the processes used for wastewater treatment systems, from screening to physical chemical plant, and many types biological processes. Some of my key achievements however, involved taking a lead role in designing and obtaining approvals for significant wastewater to potable water treatment plants in Australia. I was one of the founders of AJM Environmental Services, a company which was established in 1999 and grew to be one of Australia’s leading wastewater treatment companies in the early 2000’s.

Mathew Foster
What do you bring to Hydroflux Industrial?

I have dedicated my career to helping clients from a huge range of industries better understand their wastewater and their treatment obligations. Through close interaction with clients before, during and long after the construction of their waste water treatment plants, I have developed a thorough knowledge of industrial wastewater treatment. This experience has provided me with an astute ability to quickly identify the most appropriate tailored wastewater treatment to suit each application on a case by case basis.

What are your experiences in the water treatment industry?

I have been working solely in the water treatment industry for more than 12 years. I have had a held a range of positions in commissioning, project management, technical support, contracts administration and sales, and I have been heavily involved in hundreds of industrial wastewater treatment projects. Over the years I have built close relationships with the water authorities and I have an intimate knowledge of their requirements, expectations and processes.

Adrian Minshull
What do you bring to Hydroflux Industrial?

I have a natural ability of being extremely efficient in the planning, preparation and execution of all aspects of business management and project delivery. It is this approach that enables our business to provide the highest quality goods and services competitively. I have always considered our employees and clients to be our most valuable asset and believe that individuals make a difference. By sharing my knowledge and encouraging unified team work, we will ensure that all projects, no matter how large or small, are delivered efficiently and effectively, so much so, that we set an example for others to follow.

What are your experiences in the water treatment industry?

I have been full time in the Australian Water Industry for the last 33 years and literally completed thousands of Water and Wastewater projects throughout Australia and the SE Asian region. Prior to joining the Hydroflux HUBER team, I was the founder of AJM Environmental Services, a company which was established in 1999 and grew to be one of the leading wastewater treatment companies in Australia in the early 2000’s. My specialist areas included; new product and process design and development, large project management and corporate strategy and governance.

James Hall
What do you bring to Hydroflux Industrial?

Throughout my career I have had a close association with the water treatment needs of my clients. I have developed a passion for this market place and enjoy the constantly changing challenges generated by our clients and regulatory bodies.

I offer a broad range of knowledge gained through servicing the food & beverage, manufacturing and industrial market places with exposure to hundreds of water treatment plants within ANZ and SE Asia. This experience has given me insight into what does and doesn’t work in each industry. This way, through careful consultation, we can provide you with the most effective treatment plant to suit your individual needs.

What are your experiences in the water treatment industry?

Over 20 years’ experience in the water industry with a strong history in process optimisation and problem solving. I have real hands on experience ranging from the commissioning and operation of ultra-pure reverse osmosis plants through to optimisation of and problem solving complex DAF / biological systems. I also have a thorough understanding of the chemical requirements of individual industries and their water treatment plants.

Peter Walton
What do you bring to Hydroflux Industrial?

I have been involved in the wastewater treatment industry for over 26 years now following previous careers in the Boiler/Autoclave, Air-conditioning, and Aircraft fabrication industries.
Prior to joining Hydroflux I worked with two of Australia’s most established industrial wastewater companies including Ovivo which was formally AJM Environmental Services. I held senior roles covering many aspects of design, fabrication and project management. For many years I was responsible for manufacturing operations of wastewater treatment equipment such as DAF systems and as such I am completely familiar with the design, function and application of most industrial wastewater treatment equipment.

What are your experiences in the water treatment industry?

I have many other experiences in the industry in general in addition to the design and construction of process equipment. For the last 13 years or so I have held senior project management roles where I have been responsible for the complete design, supply, installation and commissioning of industrial wastewater treatment plant projects throughout Australia, NZ, and Asia. My experience includes a complete range of physical, chemical, biological and sludge handling equipment across a wide variety of industrial sectors.

John Koumoukelis
“What do you bring to Hydroflux Industrial?”

I have been solely dedicated to the water industry since 1993 working in professional roles based on business development and technical sales management for process equipment and design/build contracts. I have a comprehensive knowledge of both municipal and industrial processes and the successes I have had over the last 20 years has allowed our industry see me as a leader that is trusted and respected.

What are your experiences in the water treatment industry?

For over 18 years I have had an intimate association with HUBER Technology AG of Germany, so much so, I feel practically part of the HUBER team. I am fully familiar with all the HUBER products but more importantly I have an comprehensive knowledge of of the Municipal and Industrial WWTP installations in Australia.

I am committed to our businesses and will take the necessary actions to ensure that all Hydroflux Industrial clients get the quality and excellence they demand and expect.

Chris Hall
What do you bring to Hydroflux Industrial?

I bring a broad range of skills and experience within the water and manufacturing industries founded on a background in mechanical engineering. Combining this with a strong critical thinking ability enables me to thoroughly plan out a project and address potential issues before they arise. This keeps projects on track with no surprises at the end of the day. I’ve managed dozens of successful water treatment projects now and look forward to continuing doing so.

What differentiates you from other project managers?

I’ve always believed that no matter the industry, one of the most important aspect of a business is keeping your customers satisfied. I pride myself on being able to look back on projects knowing that I have provided a well-engineered, effective solution to my client’s needs. With the support of some of the best minds in the industry, I’m confident in being able to tailor a wide range of technologies to suit any budget, footprint or timeframe.

Andrew Devlin
What do you bring to Hydroflux Industrial?

I have a broad range of skills and experience in the automotive, technical consulting and water and wastewater industries. Having focussed my attention on the water and wastewater industry I have overseen the successful delivery of dozens of projects in mining, oil and gas, food and beverage, manufacturing and construction. This depth of experience and a keen eye for detail allows me to deliver the right customer focussed solution. I enjoy building long standing relationships and working with a cohesive and energetic team.

What are your experiences in the water treatment industry?

Sporting a broad range of experiences including technology development and proofing, product design and improvement, process design and commissioning rounds out the project engineering and management experience. This experience has been gained on many primary, secondary and tertiary treatment processes and a number of different technologies.

Mitchell Hastings
What do you bring to Hydroflux Industrial?

I have been involved in the water treatment industry for almost a decade in Australia, The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia as a technical manager and product specialist for a large multinational water and wastewater treatment company. I have a deep understand of the complete lifecycle of water and wastewater projects, from the initial client consultation and economic feasibility assessments right through bid preparation and contract execution, project management, detailed process design, equipment manufacturing, quality control, site installation, commissioning, optimisation and aftermarket support.

What are your experiences in the water treatment industry?

My experience focuses on a wide range of industrial and municipal water technologies. Prior to joining Hydroflux, my senior engineering role allowed me to work within most business units within a water and wastewater treatment company. During the past decade I have spent most of my time designing and delivering membrane systems to produce advanced, sanitary, recycled, desalinated, demineralised and ultrapure process water for customers. My experience has been in the delivery of high end systems producing water with the tightest quality specifications. The industries vary from infant formula to biotechnology, laboratory, food, beverage, power, oil and gas and mining. During my career I have also garnered a thorough understanding of the Australian and International water quality standards for these industries.

Tanya Bishara

Tanya Bishara brings extensive experience in Finance, Manufacturing and Business Process Improvement to the Hydroflux Group having worked in FMCG for 21 years, 15 of which were in the capacity of Financial Controller for various divisions of Nestle and now oversees the Hydroflux Group’s financial, reporting and tax compliance.


Tanya is an experienced Financial Controller having qualified as an accountant at the University of Technology, Sydney, (BBus) in 1993 and as a CPA in 1996.

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