Process Water

Hydroflux has a range of products designed to generate process water including; Multimedia Filters, Activated Carbon Filters, Ion Exchange, Demineralisation, Micro Filtration, Ultra Filtration, the unique NX Nano Filtration systems, and Reverse Osmosis.

The range of Hydroflux process water equipment is comprehensive and and can be configured to treat water from any source including secondary treated wastewater to generate potable and ultrapure water.

Process Water Products

HyPURE® Membrane filtration

Hydroflux design, supply and install high quality HyPURE® membrane filtration systems suitable for treatment of ultrapure water, process water and wastewater. Hydroflux has extensive experience in the integration of its HyPURE® membrane range into Advanced Water Treatment Plants.

The HyPURE® NX is the latest edition to the range. This unique hollow fibre nanofiltration modules provides numerous benefits over spiral wound designs and offers new opportunities for water reuse and potable water treatment.

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