IFAT Update – AEROSTRIP Celebrates 30th Anniversary

June 3, 2016

Andrew Miley and John Koumoukelis, two of Hydroflux’s founders, continue the trek around the IFAT exhibition in Germany, looking for new technologies and attend the 30th Anniversary celebrations of AEROSTRIP® – The worlds most efficient aeration diffuser

John Koumoukelis reports in:

IFAT 2016
IFAT 2016

“IFAT is not only about water; it includes all aspects of environmental protection and management including solid waste management, air pollution and waste to energy. There were two full halls dedicated to businesses that provide the conversion of household waste to energy, a very large topic in Europe. This market has led to the rise of specialist wastewater technology groups to manage the digestate streams produced. I even saw an odour control system that uses shells!” John K John K with Sven Rixrath from AEROSTRIP at the AEROSTRIP Display.

Last night we celebrated the 30th Anniversary of AEROSTRIP, our partners from Austria who provide the world’s most efficient aeration fine bubble diffuser – leading to massive savings in energy costs associated with aerobic biological treatment. The celebration was at the BMW factory and it took some time drag everyone out of the cars and to dinner!! Ironically the tour leader was Australian! Congratulations to AEROSTRIP’s on their 30th anniversary and we wish them all the best – and thanks for the brandy!”

If you would like more information on the AEROSTRIP fine bubble diffuser, including some informative videos click here.

About IFAT

Held every second year, over 5 days in Germany and with over 3000 exhibitors demonstrating the worlds latest products and solutions, IFAT is the wastewater showcase for innovations and technical solutions for tackling the challenges of the future.

To connect with Hydroflux’s founders Andrew Miley and John Koumoukelis at this year’s IFAT please call +61 2 9089 8833 or reach out via their LinkedIn profiles below:

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