Polymer Blending Systems

Of all the chemicals used on a water or wastewater treatment plant, the polymer can be the trickiest one to manage properly. Polymers are usually supplied as a product that needs further “manufacturing” before use.

HydraBLEND is a range of polymer blending and dosing systems designed and manufactured by Hydroflux Industrial.

The systems are designed for emulsion or powdered polymers in a range of capacities from 1 lire or Kg per hour upwards to suit any application.

The systems can be provided with single or multiple dosing pumps to enable the polymer to be pumped to multiple places such as DAF systems and dewatering plant.

The HyBLEND system is designed to efficiently wet or invert the polymer before hydration to enable uncoiling to occur thus maximising the efficiency and reducing consumption.

If you are looking to purchase chemicals, please visit Hydroflux Utilities.