Stamford Baffles

Hydroflux® can provide Stamford baffles below the launder system. These baffles eliminate density current flows that can disturb sedimentation of the sludge floccs by moving then away from the launder and towards the centre of the clarifier tank. It also prevents sludge from rising up into the launder system.

The Stamford baffle is fixed to the wall of the clarifier just below the launder. It slopes downwards at an angle and extends towards the centre of the clarifier.

The system comprises of:
• An array of GR316 stainless steel brackets
• HDPE baffles plates secured to the brackets using stainless fasteners
The Stamford baffle array is mounted to the civil work of the clarifier tank via stainless threaded rod drilled and secured into place using a polyester resin design for use in submerged environments.

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The scum box outlet pipe is equipped with a mechanically activated reflux valve which has an extension arm fitted to the valve flap spindle. As the bridge passes over the scum box, an actuating angle mounted under the bridge opens the scum valve by striking an extension of the valve spindle. This allows the collected scum along with a quantity of settled effluent to be flushed through and exit the tank.

The inside of the peripheral scum baffle is wiped continuously every revolution, by a rubber wiper attached to the hinged skimmer.